How can a business like another Facebook business page on Facebook

By October 31, 2013Hints & Tips

How to like a facebook business page

Have you ever wondered how you can ‘like’ a business through your own Facebook business page – like you can with your personal account? Here’s a quick guide on how to do this.

Step 1
Login to Facebook

Step 2
Go to your Business page from the left column list.
facebook menu
You will need to be an admin or owner of a business page to do this.

Step 3
Once you’re on your Facebook Business page you should see the admin panel which shows all of your stats. If you don’t see the stats, click on Admin panel button to reveal it.

Step 4
Click on ‘Edit Page’ button (sometimes called ‘Manage’) and select “Use Facebook as [my business name]” from the drop down list.
Facebook 'edit page' menu
Step 5
You’ll now be using Facebook as your business and you’ll probably see a pop-up box telling you of this.

Facebook business pop-up message

You’ll also notice the details in the top right blue Facebook strip have now changed to your business name rather than your personal details.

Step 6
In the search box, enter the business you want to like.Choose the businesses you’re interested by typing them in the search bar and, once you’ve gone to the businesses page click their “like” button. You can also like and share posts from the other businesses you’ve liked in your news feed.

Step 7
Once you are done you can then click the ‘Edit Page’ button again and select “use Facebook as [your name]” to go back to your personal Facebook page.

Facebook business to personal account menu

Keeping your business and personal Facebook accounts and particularily your business and personal shares and likes separate is really important not only for your brand but also your personal Facebook followers.